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How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client?

How Well Do You Really Know Your Ideal Client? It happens all the time. You complete the exercise to create your ideal client avatar. It’s one of the first things taught when starting a business. This vision of your ideal client guides everything you do, including pricing (you can’t charge that single mom as much as you can the CEO of a Fortune 500 company), pain points (mom probably isn’t worried about shareholders), and even the color of your logo. So you spend a few hours considering things such as: Age group Income Family status Education Lifestyle goals Location Maybe you even write up a nice little story about your ideal client. You give her a name, a couple of kids, a husband who just doesn’t get it, and a load of student loans. You know quite a bit about her, you think. But you would be wrong, and if you stop there, you may be missing a huge piece of the puzzle—and losing out on the best clients because of it. Personality Mismatch Here’s something that’s rarely considered in the “ideal client” equation, and it’s arguably the most important part: personality. If you’re fun-loving, outspoken, loud and a sharp sense of humor, then a more reserved, quiet prospect who spends her time volunteering at the church is probably not a good fit for you. Sure, she might need your help, and she might love your products, but for one-on-one coaching, this match-up is a disaster. Either she will be uncomfortable with your style, or you’ll be miserable trying to reign in your natural exuberance. Better to pass mom on to... read more

Easy Ways to Create and Streamline Content

Have you ever heard the expression content is king? Then how you market the quality of content is queen. Even on a shoestring budget, you can create content on a consistent basis and increase your credibility and visibility. It can be overwhelming for business owners, entrepreneurs and even from a social standpoint in delivering content and overcoming the challenge of balancing so much on our plate. We’ve all experienced having “not enough time” disease. However, it can also work against us because the same holds true for things such as paying our bills on time and managing our emails more efficiently, just as examples. “Survival in the online world is not for the faint of heart and in this case producing quality content is critical!” Here are some things to first consider: • First answer the question for yourself “What is content?” Content is creating and sharing valuable content to attract potential customers. The goal is to convert potential customers (leads) into customers and to do achieve this through providing valuable content in multiple ways. Also, to become an expert in your industry, you want to provide content related primarily to what you offer or can provide to the needs of your target market. • There are endless opportunities to create content that we face on a daily basis. The key is getting better at recognizing them. To help create content that helps create engagement and build relationships with your subscribers or audience, talk about pain points. Here you have to be clear on what issues or problem your target market needs solutions for and point out the importance of solving the problem. Ways... read more

Put procrastination in it’s place!

Being grateful for honoring your dream and honoring that UN-apologetically is a powerful feeling. There is no catch 22 and your dream and what you were designed to do is so unique to you. Let your light shine through! You don’t have to confront it but reality will come find you if you decide to suppress the dream and live in wish mode. Honor the dream but a different price, this time next year you may not even recognize yourself and see yourself in a way that you never did because you are starting to honor yourself. People that hold you accountable and prime you to live your best version of you are the ones you need to be around. People come into your life for different reasons and seasons.Your job is to know which ones mean you no good and which ones you can hold onto and take root from because what they are offering you is fruitful. It’s important to decipher who you take advice from, because you don’t know their intention and what kind of fruit they bear. Put procrastination in it’s place on notice. If the dreams you have don’t make you uncomfortable, those dreams aren’t big enough. Push the pedal to the medal!! Focus on the clear view not the rear view and don’t get caught up on the cheese, focus on the trap. Complacency is a trap. You have to learn to differentiate between those who operate with a ‘nothing to lose’ behavior and those who operate as if they have everything to lose. It’s all or nothing. Set benchmarks for yourself. When I ran track in high... read more

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Melanie’s mission is to serve, inspire, honor and empower women to tell your story, share your story and write your story. She is passionate about ideas and purposeful people who are looking to start their own business or possibly need a revamp.

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Melanie offers her clients the accountability of a coach, the business acumen and example of a seasoned business professional and the customize marketing strategy to grow your business and leverage professional practitioner’s expertise

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Melanie Avery is an entrepreneur, speaker, digital brand ambassador, and Monetization Strategist who is relentlessly passionate about encouraging others to find their potential, their purpose, and turning their gifts into an offer.

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