Meet Melanie Avery

Melanie Avery is an businesswoman, speaker, speaker, monetization strategist and success coach founder of a signature coaching program that is tailored for the hard-working, thought-leaders and change-agents  who are willing to say yes to themselves and create a life they have really want in their personal and business life.

Melanie is relentlessly passionate about encouraging others to find their potential, their purpose, and turning their gifts into an offer.  Her specialty is working with coaches, consultants, speakers, seminar leaders, and industry experts.

Melanie’s mission is to serve, inspire, honor and empower others to tap into their gifts, monetize their passions, leverage their expertise and share their story and get their message out there in a big way.  She is passionate about impassioned and purposeful people who are looking to create their own signature products and program, experience major breakthroughs and live a life of freedom.

Melanie offers her clients the accountability of a coach, the business acumen and example of a seasoned business professional and the customize marketing strategy to grow your business and leverage professional practitioner’s expertise.

Contact her at for bookings, writing contributions, or seminar info