Marketing Consulting services for small businesses and entrepreneurs


Initial Contact

Specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create and build their marketing department.  We first learn about your strategic plans, business model, target market, current resources, and company dynamics.

Develop & Enhance

Then we will work with you to develop or enhance your marketing plan.  We understand that not every start up company has the time to conduct a timely brand audit before designing its first brochure. But a clear direction can help your team to prioritize its resources.

Discovery & Research

Are you stuck and hit a stumbling block in your business and in need of an immediate strategy for results to get back on track. A discovery session and brand breakthrough strategy session can help you regain clarity, create a plan and position your message so that you welcome new clients and opportunities quickly.

Sign Off

I have worked with clients who have been stuck, helped them get unstuck and as a result their businesses are growing faster than ever after just ninety minutes with me.

Melanie Avery in conjunction with The Avery Group, will meet you where you are at, and help your company meet its goals in the most efficient way possible.


Don’t Be Shy.

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